Don't need a Credit Card

Not everyone has a Credit Card to sign up to offers, some people may be too young to have one and some people will just not want to use a credit card online even though the offer companies like Coral, Gala and Lovefilm are all well known companies. If you don't wish to use a card, you can still get free gifts by using one of these options.

Option 1

There is one offer on the site that accepts Paypal and that offer is Little Bid Tasty. It is a low-bid auction site that gives you the chance to win major gifts for only a few pence. Using Paypal means that you won't have to have a credit card as Paypal payments are taken from your bank account.

Option 2

You might be too young to own a credit/debit card or maybe you just don't want to use a credit card to do offers on the sites. Any credit card details are kept with the companies that run the offers and not the freebie sites so are 100% safe. Don't despair though if you still want to get a freebie without using a card, I have the perfect solution.

As I have explained to you, free gift networks can afford to send you out gifts because advertisers pay them when someone does one of their offers. If you can't do an offer as you don't have a card or wish to use it, you can still sign up and get your free gift simply by getting 3 more people to do offers for your first gift.

Say, for example that you need 9 referrals to get a Wii plus do your offer, you can get your gift by referring 12 people and you don't have to do an offer. Once you get your free gift, you can continue getting more free gifts but this time you wont need to do an offer OR get extra people to join.

Just click on one of the boxes to get started and register. In your account there will be a "support" option, click that and explain that you wish to get 3 more people to do offers instead of doing your own offer. Once you get 3 referrals, your account will show as "offer completed" and you can then continue getting referrals.

Remember, the more referrals you get, the bigger and better the gifts. These start off from Ipod Shuffles all the way up to Imacs, HDTV's and my favourite, which is the amazon vouchers so you can buy whatever you want.

If you have any questions, just use the contact us option at the top right of the page. Good luck, let me know how you get on.